About us

Receiving a thoughtful letter, sent with news and love from a friend or relative – knowing they’ve taken that time to compose those words – can mean so much more.

We have created something that makes it easy for people to send letters around the globe.  A way that a paper letter still lands on the doormat but makes it easier for the sender.  A means to make sending letters more accessible for everyone.  Elderly relatives?  Friends far away?  A desire for more meaningful communication? Let the Letter Revolution begin.

Our website is designed to allow you to type your correspondence and upload an image onto one of our unique and thoughtfully designed templates.  This is then printed and sealed at one of our regional printing hubs, allowing for privacy and confidence that your words will wing their way to the receiver anywhere across the globe.  Our letters are easily opened and re-sealed, thanks to the clever glue dots, so that they can be stored and re-read over and over.  Now we hope that ‘The Letter Revolution’ will bring joy into homes, comfort to those that need it and connections that last. 

Slow down; take your time and write a letter – let us take care of the rest.