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Write to a Prisoner / Incarcerated Person

At e-Snail, we understand the profound impact a simple letter can have, especially when it’s sent to someone who is in prison. The power of written words can bridge the gap between isolation and connection, offering a glimmer of hope in an environment that can often be challenging and lonely.

The Impact of Letters on Mental Health

Receiving a letter can significantly improve a mental health. It can reduce feelings of isolation, provide emotional support, and strengthen their ties to the outside world. A message from a friend, family member, or even a kind stranger can remind them that they are not forgotten, helping to maintain a sense of identity and self-worth.


Quickly and easily send a real physical letter to an incarcerated person with e-Snail.

Writing Your Letter

When composing your letter, keep in mind the following:

  • Be Encouraging: Positive words can be a source of comfort and motivation.
  • Stay Respectful: Avoid sensitive topics that may not be allowed or could cause distress.
  • Be Mindful of Length: While it’s important to be expressive, remember that the person may have limited time for reading.
  • Follow the Rules: Refrain from sending prohibited items or discussing forbidden subjects.

Prohibited Items and Topics

Most prisons prohibit the inclusion of certain items in letters, such as:

  • Polaroid photos
  • Stamps or stickers
  • Cash or cheques
  • Glitter or confetti
  • Suggestive or explicit content

Likewise, refrain from discussing criminal activity or any content that could compromise the safety and security of the prison. Most letters sent to and from prison are checked by prison staff.

Prisoners cannot open letters from solicitors and courts except in special cases, for example if they suspect a letter is not really from a legal adviser.

e-Snail FAQS

It’s very simple! Create an account via the home page. You can then write a letter, add an address, pay for it online and send it. We print the letter, stamp it and deliver globally.

The letter template is A4 size and fits around 800 words, written on one page. An A4 piece of paper measures 210 x 297 mm or 8.3 x 11.7 inches.

e-Snail letters are printed on our unique templates using high quality 120gsm paper at one of our regional printing hubs based in UK, India and Australia. They are then cleverly folded into envelopes, sealed and posted.

e-Snail letters can be sent anywhere in the world at a fixed price of 1.99 GBP or local currency equivalent.  Postage is added at checkout and dependent on where the letter is being sent.  The total cost to send a letter to the following countries is:

  • UK (Hub): 2.84 GBP
  • India (Hub): 299 INR / 2.99 GBP
  • Australia (Hub) 4.72 AUD / 2.54 GBP
  • New Zealand: 6.14 NZD / 3.24 GBP
  • Europe: 4.28 EUR / 3.69 GBP
  • Rest of World: 3.69 GBP or local currency equivalent
e-Snail letters can be sent to anyone, anywhere! The country of delivery needs to have a postal system and the receiver needs a physical address that accepts post.

Letters are printed and posted daily using first class or international post. Within India, a courier is used to deliver the letters. Letters will take between 2 – 4 working days for domestic deliveries from our regional printing hubs. For international deliveries, it should take between 4 – 8 working days. We cannot guarantee delivery and times may vary slightly due to the local country’s postal system.

We are still printing letters and have measures in place to ensure this is being done in accordance with government guidelines. There may be a delay in certain countries where postal services have been disrupted. If mail cannot be sent for whatever reason, it will be held by e-Snail and sent once delivery is possible.