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How to Send a Letter to Bulgaria

Even in the digital age, sending a physical letter can carry a personal touch that transcends borders. If you want to send a letter to Bulgaria, understanding the postal system is key to ensure your correspondence arrives correctly and promptly.

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Bulgarian Address Format

When sending a letter to Bulgaria, it is crucial to follow the standard Bulgarian address format. Here are the components that should be included, listed in the order they should appear on the envelope:

General Guidelines for Address Formatting

  • Use clear, block letters when writing the address.
  • Avoid any smudges and ensure all writing is legible.
  • Include a return address in the top left corner of the envelope.

Address Components:

  • Recipient’s Name: Begin with the full name of the recipient on the first line.
  • Street Name and Number: Follow with the thoroughfare and the number of the residence.
  • Apartment or Suite Number: If applicable, include this on the same line after the building number, separated by a comma.
  • Town or City: Write the name of the local town or city.
  • Postal Code: Place the four-digit postal code before the town or city name.
  • Country Name: Conclude with the country name “BULGARIA” in capital letters.

Example of a Bulgarian Address

Ivan Ivanov
ul. “Tsarigradsko shose” 47A, Apt. 56
1113 SOFIA

Envelope Address Alignment for Bulgaria

The proper address alignment is important for efficient processing:

  • Left Alignment: Align all parts of the address to the left of the envelope.
  • No Indentation: Each line should start at the same point, with no indentation.
  • Consistent Spacing: Maintain uniform spacing between lines for clarity.

Bulgarian Postal Code Format

The Bulgarian postal code system uses a four-digit code. The first two digits usually represent the distribution center for the area, while the last two specify the post office or delivery area.

For example: 1113 (for an area in Sofia)

Bulgarian Post Abbreviations and Titles

Here are a few Bulgarian postal abbreviations and titles that may be useful:

  • г-н (g-n): Short for “господин” (Mr.)
  • г-жа (g-zha): Short for “госпожа” (Mrs.)
  • г-ца (g-tsa): Short for “госпожица” (Miss)

Restricted and Prohibited Items to Send to Bulgaria

Be aware of customs regulations when sending items to Bulgaria. Prohibited items often include weapons, narcotics, dangerous chemicals, and items that could be considered obscene or offensive. Always check the latest guidelines before sending a letter or parcel.

Language and Cultural Considerations

While many Bulgarians speak English, using Bulgarian for the address could facilitate quicker processing. Furthermore, understanding local customs and addressing people appropriately with titles can reflect respect and cultural awareness.


Following these guidelines, your letter should safely reach its destination in Bulgaria. For an even simpler way to send letters internationally, consider using the services of e-Snail to send a real letter online to any location, including Bulgaria.

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