How to Send a Letter to Spain

Whether it’s a letter of love to family or an initial introduction to a newly-made friend, the written word is a fantastic way to get in touch, wherever you are in the world. And if you know someone who is lucky enough to live in sunny España, that’s Spain to you and me, and you […]

How to Send a Letter to Germany

Sending news in a letter is one of the most reliable ways to keep in contact, and gives the recipient tangible evidence that they are being thought of by someone else, somewhere else, far away. And if you are sending post to some a person living in Germany, your letter could not be in safer […]

How to Send a Letter to Australia

Are you trying to send a letter or parcel overseas to someone in Australia? Sending mail across international borders can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right knowledge and preparation, your items can safely arrive at their destination quickly and easily. Sending a letter to Australia requires a few extra steps […]

How to Send a Letter to France

In the world of instant messaging, email and social media, some of us still favour letter writing. In France, physical letters are still very much alive, despite La Poste moving to three-days-a-week letter deliveries. Whether you’re sending a love letter to your Chérie or reaching out to a long lost friend, it’s not too hard […]

Love Letters?

“Love is for life, not just for Valentine’s Day!”  This is so important, as while Valentine’s Day is special, love, affection and caring continues each and every day. Writing a love letter in this modern day seems old fashioned but it truly is a special way to communicate and express feelings.  It is often easier […]

Hello America!

e-Snail is excited to announce that it has established a dedicated printing hub in America.  This enables all letters posted to America to be printed in America. The American printing hub will also service all letters to Canada.  Letters are posted locally and delivered by USPS, reducing delivery time and postage cost.  The American printing […]

Santa Mail!

Santa Mail is here!  Use e-Snail to send letters to Father Christmas and post them by 10th December 2021 with your name and address and the big man will write back!  When sending with e-Snail, during the posting process select Reindeerland as the country and add Reindeerland as the State/County and City.  Please see his […]

Namaste India!

e-Snail has established a dedicated Indian printing hub.  This enables all letters posted to India to be printed in India.  Letters are then sent via courier to their intended destination.  This reduces delivery time and postage cost.  The Indian printing hub joins our established hubs in the UK and Australia.  The Letter Revolution continues!

Letters and Dementia

Receiving a letter through the post from a friend or relative is a joy; for some, it can be a lifeline. Society today is so digitally focused and sharply in touch with one another it may be easy to forget those who aren’t connected digitally and even harder to remember those difficult-to-reach sufferers of diseases […]