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How to Send a Letter to Mexico

In a digital era marked by rapid communication, the charm and personal touch of a handwritten letter stand out more than ever. Sending a letter to Mexico requires knowledge of its postal system and cultural nuances. This guide provides insights into how to ensure your letter reaches its Mexican destination promptly and securely.

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Mexico Address Format

Correctly formatting an address is the cornerstone of ensuring your letter reaches its destination in Mexico without delay.

General Formatting Tips:

  1. Write the address in clear, legible block letters to improve readability.
  2. Ensure that no marks or smudges obscure the address.
  3. Include a return address in the envelope’s top-left corner.
  4. While Spanish is the official language of Mexico, English addresses are understood, especially in urban areas. However, using Spanish is recommended for remote destinations.

Components of a Mexican Address:

  • Recipient’s Name: Start with the full name of the recipient.
  • Street Name and Number: Usually, the street number precedes the street name in Mexico.
  • Neighborhood or Subdivision (if applicable).
  • City or Municipality.
  • State Name: Mexico has 32 states. Always specify the correct state.
  • Postal Code: A crucial component for correct mail sorting.
  • Country Name: Clearly mention “MEXICO” especially for international mail.

Example Mexican Postal Address

Juan Martinez Garcia
Calle 16 #234
Colonia Esperanza
Nuevo León

Mexico Envelope Address Alignment

For a polished look, pay close attention to alignment:

  1. Left Alignment: Position the entire address to the envelope’s left side.
  2. Avoid Indentation: Every line should start at the same point.
  3. Uniform Spacing: Ensure there’s consistent space between each line.
  4. Legibility: Emphasise clarity; use dark ink or print using a high-quality printer.

Mexican Postal Code Format

The Mexican postal code, known locally as Código Postal (CP), is numeric, typically consisting of five digits. These codes are crucial for accurate mail distribution within Mexico.

For instance: 64100, where the first two digits often relate to the state or a particular region within that state.

Mexican Post Abbreviations and Titles

Some standard abbreviations and titles to use are:

  • Sr.: Short for “Señor” – Mr.
  • Sra.: Short for “Señora” – Mrs.
  • Srta.: Short for “Señorita” – Miss.

Restricted and Prohibited Items to Send to Mexico

Mexico has specific regulations regarding what can be mailed into the country. Prohibited items might include certain narcotics, weapons, and counterfeit items, among others. When mailing packages (as opposed to simple letters), it’s essential to consult with the relevant postal regulations or official sources.

Language and Cultural Aspects

Mexican culture is rich and diverse. When writing a letter, be courteous and respectful. If your letter is of a business nature, remember that Mexico, like many countries, values punctuality and professionalism. Familiarise yourself with important dates, such as national holidays, to ensure your correspondence is timely.


By adhering to these guidelines, you can confidently send a letter to Mexico, ensuring it reaches its intended recipient without issues. And don’t forget, e-Snail offers a modern solution, allowing you to send letters online to destinations worldwide, including Mexico.

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