Santa Mail!

Santa Mail is here!  Use e-Snail to send letters to Father Christmas and post them by 10th December 2021 with your name and address and the big man will write back!  When sending with e-Snail, during the posting process select Reindeerland as the country and add Reindeerland as the State/County and City.  Please see his latest letter below:

Dear Children,

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year? I certainly am! Christmas is a very exciting but busy time for me.

The elves are busy making toys.

The reindeer are practising their sleigh runs.

And I’m busy preparing my list of who’s been good.

I will be getting my sleigh ready for the long journey on Christmas Eve. In between I will try and reply to as many of you as possible.

Please send your letters, with your name and address, by 10th December 2021, to:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

Hello America!

e-Snail is excited to announce that it has established a dedicated printing hub in America.  This enables all letters posted to America to be printed

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