How to Send a Letter to Belgium

Sending a handwritten letter to Belgium can be a delightful way to maintain connections across borders. To ensure your letter arrives without any hitches, understanding Belgium’s specific postal practices and cultural nuances is key.

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Language Preference in Belgium

Belgium is a multilingual country with three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. The language for addressing a letter may depend on the recipient’s location:

  • Flanders: Predominantly Dutch-speaking.
  • Wallonia: Primarily French-speaking.
  • Brussels: Both Dutch and French are commonly used.
  • German-speaking Community: Mainly German-speaking.

If you’re unsure, English is widely understood and can be used as an alternative.

Address Format for Rural and Small-town Addresses in Belgium

In rural areas or smaller towns, addressing can be slightly different:

  • The village or locality name may be given more prominence.
  • The correct postal code is crucial for precise location identification in rural or smaller communities.

Common Abbreviations and Titles in Belgium

Considering the language preference, use the appropriate abbreviations and titles:

  • In French-speaking areas:
    • M. (Monsieur) for Mr.
    • Mme. (Madame) for Mrs.
    • Mlle. (Mademoiselle) for Miss.
  • In Dutch-speaking areas:
    • Dhr. (De heer) for Mr.
    • Mevr. (Mevrouw) for Mrs.
    • Juffr. (Juffrouw) for Miss.
  • Bvba/Sprl: Business abbreviations, equivalent to Ltd/PLC.

General Formatting Tips for Belgian Addresses

  • Use block capital letters for clarity.
  • Avoid any ink blots or unclear writing.
  • Always include your return address in the top-left corner.

Example Address

Mr. Jean Dupont
Rue de la Loi 50

Envelope Address Alignment and Postal Code Format

  • Left Alignment: With uniform spacing and no indentation.
  • Belgian Postal Codes: Comprise four digits.

Restricted and Prohibited Items

Be mindful of items that are restricted or prohibited under Belgian law, particularly when sending packages or large envelopes.


Grasping these nuances of sending letters to Belgium can greatly enhance your experience in correspondence. e-Snail facilitates bridging the distance with ease, whether you’re reaching out to a bustling city or a quaint Belgian village. Send your physical letter online now.