How to Send a Letter to Saudi Arabia

In an age dominated by instant messaging and emails, the personal touch of a handwritten letter is a cherished relic. If you’re contemplating sending a letter to Saudi Arabia, it’s essential to know the specific nuances and guidelines of the Saudi postal system to ensure your message arrives securely.

This guide covers everything from address formatting to cultural considerations, helping you send a letter to Saudi Arabia with confidence.

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Saudi Arabia Address Format

Navigating the address format is the first step in ensuring your letter gets to its Saudi destination without a hitch.

General Formatting Tips:

  1. Use clear, legible block letters to write the address.
  2. Ensure no smudges or distractions obscure the address content.
  3. Always provide a return address in the envelope’s top-left corner.
  4. Addressing in Arabic is preferable, but English is widely understood. Ensure correct spelling and transliteration if using English.

Components of a Saudi Address:

  • Recipient’s Name: Always start with the full name of the recipient. Using a title like Mr. or Mrs. can be helpful.
  • Street Name and Number: Detailed street information is crucial.
  • Neighborhood or District: Depending on the city, this might be vital.
  • City Name: Specify the city or town of the destination.
  • Postal Code: A vital component for accurate mail sorting.
  • Country Name: Specify “SAUDI ARABIA” for clarity, especially for international mail.

Example Saudi Arabia Address:

Mr. Ahmad Al-Sulaiman
King Fahd Road, Building No. 12
Al-Olaya District

Saudi Arabia Envelope Address Alignment

For an organized and professional appearance, pay attention to alignment:

  1. Left Alignment: Keep the entire address aligned to the left.
  2. Avoid Indentation: All lines should start at the same horizontal point.
  3. Uniform Spacing: Maintain consistent spacing between lines.
  4. Legibility: Always prioritize clarity; use a dark pen or print with high-quality ink.

Saudi Postal Code Format

Saudi Arabia’s postal code system is numeric. The code usually consists of five digits, helping with the accurate sorting of mail.

For instance: 11564, where the first two digits (11) represent the region in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, in this case).

Saudi Post Abbreviations and Titles

Some common titles and abbreviations to consider are:

  • Mr.: Transliterated often as “السيد” in Arabic.
  • Mrs.: Transliterated as “السيدة” in Arabic.

Restricted and Prohibited Items to Send to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has strict rules regarding items allowed in the country. Prohibited items include alcoholic beverages, materials that go against Islamic teachings or morals, pork products, narcotics, and certain publications. Before sending any items, especially if they’re not documents, it’s essential to consult with postal regulations or official sources.

Language and Cultural Aspects

Saudi Arabia, deeply rooted in Islamic traditions, values respect and courtesy. When writing a letter, ensure that the content is culturally sensitive. If you’re sending a letter of a business nature, it might be helpful to note that Thursdays and Fridays constitute the weekend in Saudi Arabia.


Understanding the ins and outs of the Saudi postal system will put you in good stead to send a letter there without complications. And remember, for a digital touch with traditional sentiments, e-Snail can help you send letters online, ensuring they reach any corner of the globe, including Saudi Arabia.