How to Send a Letter to Sweden

Though it’s a great way to have constant communication these days through the use of a smartphone, there’s something special about sending a letter through the mail.

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Since it’s a more traditional way to connect with others across a distance, many people are unaware of the proper way to send a letter to another country they aren’t familiar with, such as Sweden. If you don’t write the correct address format and follow the right structure, the letter may be delayed or lost.

This post explores the guidelines around sending a letter to Swedish, detailing postal code structure and other important information.

Sweden Address Format

Sending a letter to Sweden requires following a specific address format to ensure its smooth and on-time delivery. Here are the key components and alignment for sending a letter to Sweden.

General Guidelines for Formatting

  • Use block writing for the entire address. This practice enhances legibility and minimises the risk of misinterpretation during mail processing.
  • Make sure that there are no ink smudges or obstructions on the address interfering with the clarity of written words.
  • Always include your return address in the top-left corner of the envelope. This way, if any unforeseen delivery issues arise, the postal service can conveniently return the letter to you.
  • Address the envelope in Swedish if possible, as it is the official language of Sweden. But if you’re unaware of that, you can also use English or any other language the recipient might know.

When formatting the address for a letter to Sweden, the following components should be included:

  • Recipient’s Name: To begin with, write the full name along with the surname of the intended recipient. In Sweden, it’s normally written in the very first line of the address.
  • Street Name & Property Number: Include the name of the street or avenue, followed by the building number. According to Sweden’s address format, the street name typically precedes the property number.
  • Postal Code: Incorporate the recipient’s five-digit postal code after the street address. The postal code is crucial for precise routing and ensures the letter reaches the correct location.
  • City Name: Write the name of the city or town in uppercase letters after the postal code. This practice aids postal workers in identifying the destination and streamlines the delivery process.
  • Country Name: At the bottom of the address, clearly indicate Sweden in capital letters to specify the country.

For example, the address would look like:

Mikael Johansson Berg

Skeppsbron 6 4tr

123 45 UPPSALA


Sweden Envelope Address Alignment

When sending a letter to Sweden, you need to align the address properly. Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  • Left Alignment: Write the entire address against the left edge of the envelope.
  • Avoid Indentation: Refrain from indenting any part of the address. Ensure that each line stands side by side.
  • Even Spacing: Ensure consistent spacing between address elements for a neat presentation.
  • Readability: Prioritise legibility by using a dark pen or high-quality printer when addressing the envelope. A clear and readable address leaves no room for errors during handling and sorting.

Swedish Postal Code Format

Swedish postal code format is based on a five-digit number combination, divided into two sets of three and two digits.

The first digit in the code depicts a Swedish country or province. While the second digit is dedicated to any specific area or city. The third number represents the delivery type, including mailboxes, regular mail delivery, or business addresses. Finally, the last digit is for any specific geographic area within the city.

According to the specified format, a space is inserted between the third and fourth digits in a Swedish postal code. This means that the format of a Swedish postal code would typically look like this: NNN NN, where each N represents a number.

The general principle behind this system is that the lower the postcode number, the further south the location is located within Sweden. However, postcodes starting with the number 1 are an exception to this rule, as they are reserved for the capital city, Stockholm.

Swedish Post Abbreviations and Titles

The below are a few common abbreviations and titles to consider when sending a letter to Sweden:

  • mvh: A common abbreviation used to sign off a letter in an informal (friendly) way
  • t.ex.: It means ‘for instance’ and is used to point toward an example
  • Lgt?: It means ‘what’s up’ and is mainly used at the start of an informal letter.
  • Herr: An honorific used to point out a specific gender: male.
  • Fru: It is used to refer to a woman with respect.

Restricted and Prohibited Items to Send to Sweden

Prohibited items simply mean that you can’t mail them at all to Sweden. These include lottery tickets, firearms and weapons, human remains, live plants and animals, daggers, and flick knives.

Meanwhile, restrictions also apply on items due to weight limit, size, and insurance, such as gold, banknotes exceeding 100 Swedish crowns in value, etc. With that said, you must ensure that the item you desire to send by mail to Sweden isn’t prohibited or restricted.

It’s also paramount to consult a local department or official sources in order to know the latest updates on restricted and prohibited things. Following that, your letter will be at the destination in just a couple of days.

Language and Cultural Aspects

Swedish culture places a high value on politeness and equality. Therefore, you should address the recipient with an honorific.

Moreover, Swedes tend to appreciate directness and clarity in communication. So avoid using excessive flattery or flowery language, as it may be perceived as insincere.

Being mindful of your words and remaining humble is a sign of respect in Sweden. Hence, you must steer away from controversial topics, especially if you don’t know much about them.


With the above information, you should have no issues when it comes to sending a letter to Sweden.

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