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How to Send a Letter to America

In a world where digital communication reigns, the personal touch of a handwritten letter has a unique charm and significance. If you are considering sending a letter from the UK to the United States, understanding the nuances of postal rules and addressing can ensure your correspondence reaches its destination efficiently.

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USA Address Format

The address format in the USA differs slightly from that in the UK. Ensuring you follow this format will help your letter navigate the American postal system correctly.

General Formatting Tips:

  • Write the address in block letters for clarity.
  • Avoid any blots or smudges that might make reading difficult.
  • Include your return address in the top-left corner of the envelope.

Address Components:

  • Recipient’s Name: Start with the full name of the recipient.
  • Street Address: Include the house or building number followed by the street name.
  • City, State, and ZIP Code: After the street address, write the city, followed by the state abbreviation and the ZIP code.
  • Country Name: Write “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” in full to avoid confusion with other countries.

Example Address:

Mr. John Doe
123 Maple Street
Apartment 2
New York, NY 10001

Envelope Address Alignment in the USA

Presentation matters when addressing your letter:

  1. Left Alignment: Keep all elements of the address aligned to the left.
  2. No Indentation: Start each line at the same horizontal point.
  3. Consistent Spacing: Ensure even spacing between lines for easy readability.

USA ZIP Code Format

The ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code in the USA is a five-digit number that helps in the precise sorting of mail. Some addresses might include a four-digit extension (ZIP+4 Code), but this is not mandatory for most correspondence.

American Postal Abbreviations and Titles

While addressing a letter, you might use these common abbreviations and titles:

  • Mr.: For men.
  • Ms./Mrs.: For women, depending on marital status.
  • Dr.: For doctors or those with a Ph.D.
  • Apt.: For apartment.
  • St., Ave., Blvd.: For street, avenue, and boulevard.

Restricted and Prohibited Items to Send to the USA

The USA has strict guidelines on what can be mailed into the country. Prohibited items include drugs, some types of food, materials that violate copyright laws, and dangerous goods. It’s essential to consult the latest postal guidelines or customs regulations before sending your letter.

Cultural Considerations

While the USA is a predominantly English-speaking country, being mindful of cultural differences in communication styles can be beneficial. Americans generally appreciate straightforward, concise language.


Sending a letter to the USA can be a seamless process with e-Snail. By adhering to these guidelines, your letter will not only convey your message but also demonstrate your attention to detail and respect for postal etiquette. And with e-Snail, sending your thoughts across the Atlantic is just a few clicks away.

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