Letters during Lockdown

Isolation; lockdown; restrictions. Three words we never thought would be a part of our everyday vernacular. As we begin to come out the other side of a deep, dark and desolate period of loss and lockdown, is it time to reflect on what we might have learnt from the whole experience? Will life every return to the fast-pace it was before?  Technology has made things easier for us. There’s a sense that there will never be a full shift back to the way things functioned before but is that necessarily a bad thing? We should be keeping some of the things that have slowed life down but looking to the root of why they are important if we are to keep them in our lives as we move out of this global pandemic. e-Snail allows letter writing for a world that needs letters more than ever before. It eases the process of posting and maintains the importance and inimitable connection of both giving and receiving a letter by post. The technology allows an ease of communication without the immediacy, rushed or superficiality that can sometimes come with today’s fast-paced means of communicating. Letters mean so much more. They can be re-read, cherished, held and re-read again. So, if there’s anything that we should take from all of this, it is to try and maintain some of that slower pace; to try and maintain meaningful communication with those that we care about and to try and send more letters.

Santa Mail!

Santa Mail is here!  Use e-Snail to send letters to Father Christmas and post them by 10th December 2021 with your name and address and

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