e-Snail – The Letter Revolution

In today’s high tech, fast-paced society, everyone is busy. Life is hectic.  Instant communications expect Instant replies.

Slow down. Relax. Go back to basics. Think before you send.

Modern day communications aren’t for everyone. Do you have elderly relatives? Do you have friends far away? Try something different!

Everyone loves receiving a real letter in the post. It means so much more.

e-Snail allows you to write real letters online. Simply login, write a letter and send. We print, stamp and deliver globally.

e-Snail – rediscover letters and go Back to Basics.

Letters during Lockdown

Isolation; lockdown; restrictions. Three words we never thought would be a part of our everyday vernacular. As we begin to come out the other side

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Namaste India!

e-Snail has established a dedicated Indian printing hub.  This enables all letters posted to India to be printed in India.  Letters are then sent via

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